Friday, December 5th

Forget the impending breadlines, grab your polka-dotted canvas bindle, bundle up and bustle your way over to hear the tales of times said and gone and the prophetic parables of a new generation of poets, storytellers and musicians. Featuring music and performances by John Houx, Elizabeth Devlin, Frank Hoier & Jessy Carolina

Mr. Houx grew up in West coast cattle country and "hoboed" his way to New York in 2007, where he was quickly embraced by the East Village's Antifolk scene and traditional folk music circles. With appearances on radio and television (broadcast and online), John is presently planning his first full-length record and a small European tour. 

Elizabeth Devlin has traveled the world to invoke influences from scratchy American and French phonographs, combining bitter-sweet, haunting vocals with angelic, cacophonous Autoharp melodies. Her forthcoming full-length album will be released on December 6th, 2008. 

Frank Hoier is poised at the front of a new wave of modern Americana roots music. Backed by rock'n'roll prodigy siblings, The Weber Brothers, Frank's self released album Lovers & Dollars is set for it's national debut on November 11, 2008. Frank Hoier brings a fresh perspective and a rock'n'roll energy to Folk music. His Guthrie-esque anthem "Jesus Don't Give Tax Breaks To The Rich" has been hailed as "the most perfect protest song written yet this millennium" (PopHeadWound).

Nov. 21: Potluck & Thanksgiving Reading

Poets' Potluck III
Friday, 10:00 pm

Natives and newcomers alike join the Three Sisters (the harvest; or Diana Hamilton, Nicole Wallace and Corrine Fitzpatrick) for a giving of thanks, foods, poetry, music, and autumnal beverages. A two-time staple of last-year's series, the night will again feature performances by many and food by everyone so inclined, including Stacy Szymaszek, who will be grilling turkey burgers in the parish hall on the George Foreman and who has already contributed one can of corn to the cause. Other confirmed gobblers, to name a few: Jim Behrle, Will Edmiston, Kareem Estefan, Gordon Faylor, Kelly Ginger, Susi Gomez, Stephanie Gray, Eddie Hopely, Ellis Isenberg, Derek Kroessler, Judah Rubin, Anne Tardos, Dustin Williamson, Sara Wintz and the Three Sisters themselves. So, grab your canned pumpkin, plastic cool whip containers, and blue-lined notebooks, and pilgrim your way over...