FRIDAY, May 7, 2010

- ! - It's our last official pre-organized, two-poet-ed, "reading" reading of the season & of the famous Ed/Nicole 2009 - 2010 curitorial run -- Oh my. Come see us in our last official public display as coordinators of the Poetry Project Friday Night Reading Series, along with the wonderful poems of Will Edmiston & Anna Vitale. It will be worth it, you know. See below for a most beautiful digital broadside created by Will Edmiston specially for this event!

Will Edmiston is a poet and librarian living in Brooklyn. His writing can be found in The Tiny, the Agriculture Reader, EOAGH, The Boog Reader 4, and The Bridge. He serves as the volunteer archivist at The Poetry Project.

Anna Vitale is the author of Breaststa, a long poem published by Mondo Bummer (2010). Her writing has appeared in Model Homes, Shifter, and With + Stand, and more is forthcoming in Vanitas and The West Wind Review. A freeform DJ at WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, she also helped start the online audio publication textsound.


FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010

It's officially SPRING FUNDRAISING WEEK over at the Poetry Project & Friday night has been appropriately taken over for purposes of raising neccessary funds. This event will totally be worth your funds & definitely worth the $10 to get in. See you there -- !
Ed & Nicole

In We Saw the Light: Conversations Between the New American Cinema and Poetry (University of Iowa Press, 2009), Daniel Kane draws on correspondence and interviews with key figures in innovative cinema and writing of the 1960s to provide a fresh look at film’s influence on poetry. Please join us for a discussion amongst filmmakers and poets, and stay for a special screening of mainly 16mm prints.

Talk (6:30-7:30 PM) Ed Bowes, Jacob Burckhardt, Abigail Child, Cole Heinowitz, Jonas Mekas, Jennifer Reeves, and others TBA. Moderated by Daniel Kane.

Film Program (8 PM) A selection of short films by Ed Bowes, Stan Brakhage, Jacob Burckhardt, Rudy Burckhardt, Abigail Child, Christopher Maclaine, Jonas Mekas, Marie Menken, and more t.b.a.
- $10 Admission -


Thanks to the Filmmakers’ Cooperative, Jacob Burckhardt & Andrew Lampert at Anthology Film Archives.


FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

In conjunction with We Saw The Light: Conversations Between New American Cinema & Poetry (4/30), tonight’s event features readings, screenings and performance from five young Brooklyn-based poets and filmmakers: Jessica Fiorini, Derek Kroessler, Andrew Lampert, Dani Leventhal & Fern Silva.


Jessica Fiorini is the author of the chapbooks Sea Monster at Night (Goodbye Better) and Light Suite (forthcoming from Pudding House Publications). She has been published in Lungfull!, Brooklyn Rail and the Poetry Project Newsletter. Jessica currently lives in Brooklyn.

Derek Kroessler originally hails from Providence, RI and is finishing up his senior year at NYU. His poems have appeared in Pleasure, and he has one homemade chapbook, Word/Turd.

Born in the mid-70s in the Midwest, Andrew Lampert has staged performances and exhibited his films at The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Getty Museum, The British Film Institute, The Kitchen, The Rotterdam International Film Festival, Kill Your Timid Notion Festival, Light Industry, Mitchell Algus Gallery and many other venues here and abroad. He lives in Brooklyn.

Dani Leventhal’s videos are distributed through the Video Data Bank. She has screened her work at Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Gene Siskel Film Center, CineCycle and Anthology Film Archives. In 2007 she got an Astraea Visual Arts Award and a Women’s Studio Workshop Book Arts Grant. In 2003 she received an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Illinois at Chicago and in 2009 an MFA in film/video from Bard College.

Fern Silva’s work has been screened and performed at various festivals, galleries, and cinematheques including International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, Anthology Film Archive, Images Festival, IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Biennale Bandits-Mages Festival, Roulette Gallery, Millennium Film Workshop and White Box Gallery. He received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and is in the process of receiving his MFA from Bard College.


FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2010

Hillary Juster has black hair and soon a BA in interdisciplinary studies from NYU as well. She won 1st place in a poetry competition in 8th grade, won the Lamont Younger Poet’s Prize at 15, but hasn’t won much since. As a compliment to reading poetry, she likes to engage members of audience with sculpture, lighting, photography, and touching. In her spare time, she edits the old college lit mag, The Minetta Review, or is about to do something pretty impressive. Check out her work in the forthcoming The Physical Poets Home Library.

Gregory Laynor has been teaching & studying at Temple University in Philadelphia. His reading of Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans appears on UbuWeb. He does a blog at academicpoetry.com. He is co-editing for Chax Press the collected writings of the Philadelphia poet Gil Ott.


FRIDAY 4/9/2010
10:00 - MIDNIGHT

Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of Kensington Notebook (Lean-To Press) and BOSTON STREET/TREES (Lean-To Press). His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming from Cannot Exist, Forage, and the Robert Walser Society of Massachusetts. He is currently a PhD student in Poetics at SUNY-Buffalo.

Divya Victor has lived and learned in India, Singapore, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Seattle. She has an M.A. from Temple University and is currently working towards her Ph.D. at the University at Buffalo. Her work has appeared in ambit, XConnect, The Ixnay Reader, dusie, President’s Choice, P-QUEUE, and Drunken Boat. Her chapbook SUTURES was just published by Little Red Leaves.

See you there -- !

Ed & Nicole