FRIDAY, May 7, 2010

- ! - It's our last official pre-organized, two-poet-ed, "reading" reading of the season & of the famous Ed/Nicole 2009 - 2010 curitorial run -- Oh my. Come see us in our last official public display as coordinators of the Poetry Project Friday Night Reading Series, along with the wonderful poems of Will Edmiston & Anna Vitale. It will be worth it, you know. See below for a most beautiful digital broadside created by Will Edmiston specially for this event!

Will Edmiston is a poet and librarian living in Brooklyn. His writing can be found in The Tiny, the Agriculture Reader, EOAGH, The Boog Reader 4, and The Bridge. He serves as the volunteer archivist at The Poetry Project.

Anna Vitale is the author of Breaststa, a long poem published by Mondo Bummer (2010). Her writing has appeared in Model Homes, Shifter, and With + Stand, and more is forthcoming in Vanitas and The West Wind Review. A freeform DJ at WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, she also helped start the online audio publication textsound.