Greetings all.

As you may, or may not know, the poetry (project) season will soon be coming to a close so that we can all go hibernate in our humid apartment holes for the summer. In wake of the end of our first season of co-coordinating the Friday Night Reading Series and Diana's last Friday Night event (Eddie Hopely will co-coordinate the Friday Night series with Nicole Wallace next season), Diana and I will be celebrating with a potluck in the parish hall on Friday, June 12th.

As many of us are mid-westerners (or otherwise), a potluck in June inside a stuffy church parish hall will instantly beckon our memories back to the days yore; the days when we cautiously perused plastic draped card tables for sugary red fruit punch, ham sandwiches on mustard swabbed buns, "pasta" salads drown in various mayonnaise dressings, cottage cheese infused canned fruit salads and pastel mint jello concoctions with cool whip clumsily, but lovingly, dolloped atop.

With that said, please bring along your favorite potluck food, dessert, beverage and/or concoction. There will be some poems read, a song or two sung, some super 8 films screened, fits of nostalgia had, and most certainly some summer revelry & some pretty decent opportunities to really over-imbibe. As always, this will begin at 10PM & is $8 general / $7 students / $5 or free for Poetry Project members at the door. Looking forward to seeing you sooner than later and most certainly there.

Until then & then again,
Nicole & Diana.