Flim Forum Press Presents: A Sing Economy
Friday, February 27th / 10:00 pm

The evening was alive with first responders. Poets, report, restoring song to the dollar. Daily drilling, bottom lines, dying signs, in the streets all day. Negotiate atoms and national ethos, form and efficiency, input and output, sin and celebration. Sense and memory, happiness radii, spatial happenstance interface. Desire, dinner, damn cameras, family houseflies, worms and a swarm of eyes. Rain for rent, cattle for sale, cryotext sandwiches, a pumpkin in the bassinet. Cost of walking, cost of talking, breathing shoals of technology, new kinds of knowing. Oh, emotional ecosystems. Oh, local and global grief. Key conservation, relative abundance, savior selves, we are on that brink, over / whelmed thin dime. Sing: shingle and shingle and bricks and windows. Sing: research and development, fall off and shatter, offer/answer/transaction. Sing: Gigigigigigigive. Sing: next and next and next annexed. Love with a love that was love than love. Sing it to the ceiling.

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Flim Forum Press presents the poetry anthology A Sing Economy, featuring readings by Jessica Smith, Stephanie Strickland, Jennifer Karmin, Thom Donovan, John Cotter, Laura Sims, Jaye Bartell, Kate Schapira, Deborah Poe, Eric Gelsinger, and editors Matthew Klane and Adam Golaski. Flim Forum Press provides space to emerging poets working in a variety of experimental modes. Other FF volumes include the anthology Oh One Arrow and The Alps by Brandon Shimoda.

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What is Flim Forum Press?

Flim Forum Press provides SPACE to emerging poets working in a variety of experimental modes. Editors Matthew Klane and Adam Golaski. Flim Forum volumes include the anthologies Oh One Arrow and A Sing Economy, and just out, The Alps by Brandon Shimoda.

What is the anthology, A Sing Economy?

A Sing Economy is an anthology that contains new work by: Kate Schapira, Barrett Gordon, Jennifer Karmin, Stephnie Strickland, Mathew Timmons, Kaethe Schwehn, Harold Abramowitz & Amanda Ackerman, Jaye Bartell, Jessica Smith, David Pavelich, Erin M. Bertram, Laura Sims, Deborah Poe, a.rawlings & francois luong, Michael Slosek, Kevin Thurston, Hannah Rodabaugh, and Tawrin Baker. W/ 3 cover films by Scott Puccio. Edited by Matthew Klane and Adam Golaski.

At Flim Forum, we don't build our anthologies according to specific organizing principles, except that the anthos are meant to display the poetic/aesthetic/contemporary interests/range of the editors, AND the volumes are meant to be cohesive i.e. the work is chosen and arranged to belong together. the manifold theme/tropes (principles?) of the book become apparent in the process. that said... we publish mostly (tho not exclusively) serial work from emerging experimental poets and give our poets SPACE w/in a communal context to show who they are and what concerns them.


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