11/20/2009: POETS' POTLUCK V.

Friday, November 20th

All ye gather ‘round, for it is time for thanks & communal turkey (or tofurkey) burgers at the Poetry Project Friday Night Series’ precariously annual Thanksgiving potluck. Come join us for a warm thanking of friends & good times with food, drinks, music, poetry, & other forms of shareable merriment.

Readings & performances by:

Jim Behrle / Kate Berlant / Will Edmiston / Gordon Faylor / Corrine Fitzpatrick / Lawrence Giffin / Kelly Ginger / Eddie Hopely / Diana Hamilton / Josef Kaplan / Arlo Quint / Judah Rubin / Nicole Wallace / Andrew James Weatherhead / Dustin Williamson / & some music by BOOM CHICK too.