Friday, January 22, 2010

Francesca Chabrier & Christopher Cheney are: Amy Adams.

They are in Glitterpony too.

Francesca Chabrier is the assistant editor of jubilat. Her poems appear or will appear in places like notnostrums, Sixth Finch, Forklift, Ohio and Invisible Ear. Her collaborations with Christopher Cheney can be found in Glitterpony magazine. She was chosen by Thomas Sayers Ellis to receive the Deborah Slosberg Memorial prize for poetry, and currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

You should read Francesca's poems in notnostrums & Sixth Finch.

Christopher Cheney is the managing editor of Slope Editions. His poems have appeared or will appear in Subtropics, Forklift, Ohio, Konundrum Engine Literary Review, Shampoo, and other places. His e-book They Kissed Their Homes was recently published by Blue Hour Press.

You should really read They Kissed Their Homes too.